As you may have guessed, my name is Daniel DePierre and I am a freelance Communication Designer. I returned to my hometown Stockholm, Sweden in 2008 after studying and working in Sydney, Australia for four years, where I received my bachelors degree in Communication Design at Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts in 2006. During my time there I explored the many branches of visual communication and found a particular interest in concept development, image based design, digital art and typography. As I came to enjoy the entire process of taking an idea from the drawing board to it’s final destination, I decided to start my own business alongside my studies, and was commissioned work in illustration, branding and miscellaneous corporate design. Since my return to Sweden I have started my second company and continued to evolved my career as a designer and illustrator for both Swedish and Australian clients. Through existing and newfound contacts I have worked with a wide range of clients and projects, involving illustration, photography, film, websites, layout design, digital rendering and branding.

I hope you enjoy the website and if you have any interest or comments regarding my work, feel free to email or call me. Below you’ll find a practical outline of how I work and what collaborations with new clients usually look like.


Services – what do I offer?

I have had the opportunity to work with a wide array of clients and projects, varying in size and time constraint. These projects include: logotypes and brand identity, illustration, image based design, typography, brochures, posters, digital rendering, packaging design, layout design and web layout. Having said that, I always welcome new challenges that require innovative and inspired design solutions.


The general start-up cost for a new project is 3,000 kr (roughly US $450), which includes a presentation of initial ideas and concepts as well as an estimate of the total cost. This estimate is based on an hourly rate of 800 kr (US $120), licensing and the use of copyrighted material such as typefaces and images, and any other factors that may affect the final price of the project.

The Design Process – how do I work?

I believe that the design process should always be regarded as organic and adapted to suit the needs of the client. I am experienced with taking projects from start to finish, but also with assisting further development of those projects and creating effective solutions where communication problems arise. In general the design process can be divided into 4 steps:

1. Briefing – The client clarifies the objectives and guidelines for the project
2. Development – this is the core and most time consuming part of the process; concepts and designs are explored, evolved and presented
3. Execution – the final design is executed and delivered
4. Production/publication – the project is made available for its intended audience

Dialogue – who are my clients?

The most important thing to establish with any client (be it a big corporation or a small business) is a well-functioning platform for communication. Dialogue and different perspectives are crucial in order to create effective designs. I prefer working with clients who understand that the way in which they communicate or market their company should be supported by a structured idea that is present throughout the organization. To reach the best possible outcome it is important that the client is involved and opinionated when it comes to the design process.

Ethics – believing in your project

The main reason I chose to start my own company was so that I could commit my time to projects I feel passionate about. I strongly believe that all good business ideas are fueled by a passion to contribute something to the world. It is not in my interest to try to sell products and services that do not offer a valuable contribution, or create designs for ideas solely based on making money.

Professionalism – a mutual trust

It is important in any professional relationship that both partners know what the collaboration entails. Proposals, contracts and invoices should be properly established to strengthen the trust of the business relationship and to avoid any misunderstandings.


I have started taking orders for customized artwork. If you are interested in ordering anything from a pencil portrait for a friend to a large painting for the office, please see the contact details below. You can find my online art portfolio under GALLERY in the menu bar.


If you have any interest regarding my work or wish to set up a meeting for possible future collaboration, please contact me by email (d@danieldepierre.com) or by phone ((+46) 70 942 0565). Hope to hear from you!